What is the Illinois State Rifle Association Legal Assistance Committee?

Illinois State Rifle Association Legal Assistance Committee Contributions

The purpose of the Illinois State Rifle Association Legal Assistance Committee (ISRA-LAC) is to raise funds for legal defense of violations of state or federal guaranteed Constitutional Rights. Continue reading What is the Illinois State Rifle Association Legal Assistance Committee?

Upcoming Illinois NRA Events

Join Second Amendment supporters in your community for an evening of food,  fellowship, and fundraising for the shooting sports!

Additional Dates added Jan 20th, 2016. See below.

01/23/16 – Southern Illinois Regional Event | 5:30 PM | Effingham, IL
02/06/16 – Logan County | 5:00 PM | Lincoln, IL
02/20/16 – Central Illinois | 5:30 PM | Litchfield, IL
02/21/16 – Illinois Valley | 4:00 PM | Utica, IL
02/25/16 – Salt Kettle | 5:30 PM | Georgetown, IL
03/03/16 – National Trail | 5:30 PM | Effingham, IL
03/05/16 – Madison County | 5:30 PM | Collinsville, IL
03/05/16 – Northwestern Illinois | 5:00 PM | Freeport, IL
03/11/16 – Prairieland | 5:00 PM | Decatur, IL
03/12/16 – Shoal Creek | 5:30 PM | Pocahontas, IL
03/19/16 – Illini Country | 5:30 PM | Urbana, IL
03/24/16 – West Central Illinois | 5:30 PM | Jacksonville, IL

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Right to Carry, not Right to be a Jackass

A recent study by the Crime Prevention Research Center shows that people with concealed carry licenses are truly the MOST law abiding citizens in the United States. However in every bunch there are bad apples.

While Illinois Concealed Carry Licenses currently (September 14th, 2016) hover around 250,000 people licensed to carry a concealed firearm in Illinois, and revocations are around 250 as of August 2015, that is a rate of less than .001 or 0.1%! Of those 250 revoked, some of the people mentioned on this page have chosen to become revoked in a spectacular manner.

When you have gone through the proper training and when you have paid the proper fees to the government, and when you have receive your permission slip; you have the right to carry a concealed firearm.  While the laws of different states certainly will vary, no state that I am aware of gives you the right to be a jackass with your concealed carry license.

Continue reading Right to Carry, not Right to be a Jackass

Felon on Parole for Gun Violations shoots up Wrigleyville

As proof that strict gun control laws do not deter criminals, and won’t prevent evil people from doing evil things; I present to you Ralph Banks. Ralph Banks is a convicted felon out on Parole. His crime? A Gun Crime.  Mr. Banks is now in the custody of the Chicago Police enjoying a stay in the Cook County jail. His alleged crime? Mr. Banks is accused of firing approximately 80 shots in a recent shooting in Wrigleyville/Chicago, IL.

This incident also proves that you are really never safe, it doesn’t matter what neighborhood you may be in. Although some neighborhoods where statistics prove that you are more likely to be a victim of an act of violence, random acts of violence can and do happen anywhere.


Walker’s announces their partnership with shooting professional, Jessie Duff.

Walker’s®, pioneers in hearing protection and enhancement, announces their partnership with shooting professional, Jessie Duff.


Duff’s career has flourished from beginner to full-fledged shooting professional, with multiple World and National Championship shooting titles to her name. Ben Smith, Director of Marketing comments, “The intimate knowledge from an industry shooting professional will increase our ability to continue developing top quality products for the market as they will be designed and tested by those who form their entire careers around them. The partnership couldn’t have come at a better time. We have big plans for Walkers in 2016 where we’ll continue to push the boundaries of innovation in the shooting sports category. Jessie Duff has already had an accomplished shooting career and Walker’s is excited to be standing next to Duff as she continues to add to her championship titles.”


Walker’s is excited to tap into Duff’s extensive knowledge of shooting & firearms to integrate new ideas and innovation into future product designs. “I’m extremely excited to partner with Walker’s and help them grow their product lines as they venture into the shooting sports. I also look forward to helping educate others on the importance of hearing protection through Walker’s, as they offer the highest noise reduction ratings in their respective categories” states Jessie Duff.


For over 25 years Walker’s has developed innovative solutions for hearing protection & enhancement. The Walker’s line of products are widely considered the industry standard for shooting protection and safety.

How to Sell a Gun in Illinois

How to Sell a Gun in Illinois

The process to sell a gun in Illinois is fairly straightforward but does requires some hoops to jump through.  You can not simply sell the gun to anyone off the street, and does require the same waiting period as if you were to buy a gun from a licensed dealer. Nothing within this posting is to be considered legal advice and all questions should be directed to your criminal defense attorney.

The process for private party purchases of guns in Illinois requires the same waiting period as buying a gun from a dealer. Continue reading How to Sell a Gun in Illinois

Illinois Concealed Carry Denial Reversed by Lake County Judge

The Law Offices of J. D. Obenberger and Associates are pleased to announce the complete victory they obtained today (December 9, 2015) at the Waukegan Courthouse for Dr. Seth Ghantous, whose application for a CCL had been denied by the Illinois Concealed Carry License Review Board by a 4-2 vote on April 14, 2014. Judge Margaret Mullen determined that the Board’s denial had been “against the manifest weight of the evidence”, she reversed the Board’s denial, and she ordered the defendants to issued Dr. Ghantous a firearm concealed carry license. Those defendants are the ICCLRB [the Board), its members, the Illinois State Police, its Director, Jessica Trame as Bureau Chef of Firearm Services, and some John Does who were never specified. We extend our most hearty congratulations to Dr. Ghantous – and to all of the Illinois appicants on behalf of whom he has been fighting. We especially thank him for his confidence and trust during the long battles of the past 18 months.


We brought suit on May 19, 2014 in case 14 MR 0802 filed in the Circuit Court of the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit and the case was heard in the Lake County Courthouse. He prevailed in an Illinois state law proceeding under the Illinois Administrative Review Law on the merits, that is, on a determination of the facts of his application, and the court’s necessary inference that the Board had reached a conclusion against him without a basis in law and fact.


The Lake County lawsuit contained an “England Reservation” by which we reserved the resolution of all of his federal constitutional issues to the United States District Court, and pressed only the factual, state administrative law issues in state court.


On May 14, 2014, we also filed a complaint in federal court – in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois – on behalf of Dr. Ghantous, under case number 14-cv-03544, which was assigned to Judge Leinenwebber, a case based on the Civil Rights Act, and alleging numerous violations of his civil rights in the denial. Ultimately Judge Leinenwebber dismissed that suit for reasons that we disagree with, and so we filed an appeal in the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, case number 15-2931, on September 9, 2015. The 7th Circuit was advised that there was a pending state lawsuit that could possibly resolve the issues by granting Dr. Ghantous an order directing the issuance of his CCL, and so the 7th Circuit stayed procedings to await word from Waukegan that could make their work unnecessary.


The defendants have 30 days to file a notice of appeal. Should they do so, we will seek an order providing Dr. Ghantous with CCL privileges pending appeal, and we will urge the 7th Circuit to lift its stay so that we can proceed to challenge anew the many abuses inflicted upon applicants in violation of their constitutional rights, including not only the vague standard permitted for denials, the denial of a fundamental right on a mere preponderance of evidence, and an Illinois statute that appears to prevent any applicant from inspecting the evidence against him while his application and objection are pending before the Board.


We do not have any information suggesting that any other Illinois Circuit Judge has outright reversed the Concealed Carry Board’s decision on the merits before today’s decision, though we know of many decisions to remand denials to the Board for reconsideration, and we have prevailed for several of our clients in that manner before. In one prior case, the Board  decided to reverse itself without a remand, and without our request, at precisely the time a federal judge denied our client a motion to reconsider. Thus, he got the license without an order of court, without a remand, simply because we had convinced them that they had made an outrageous mistake. He apparently had been arrested of an incident in which he was released after arrest without charges because the prosecutor had concluded that he committed no crime. We secured a CCL for another client because, as age 18 he had been arrested for a notorious crime, but had been released hours later without charges because the actual perpetator had been identified by the victim. We would be delighted to learn whether other Illinois judges have previously ordered outright reversals of the ILLRB that had the effect of ordering the Board to grant a license to an applicant without any remand.


Our office continues to fight for the civil rights of CCL applicants in several cases now pending in federal court in Chicago and in the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals.


Every case in unique to its facts. Nothing contained in this release should be taken to advertise or to offer legal representation, and surely should not be taken as any kind of guarantee or solicitation. It is offered for the exclusive purpose of informing a portion of the Illinois firearms community as to important news.

Gun Confiscation in Illinois could be a Reality – HB4359

HB4359 was introduced by which would require law abiding gun owners who have not been convicted of any crime to turn in their firearms if their name appears on the federal government’s “no fly list”.   The media spin is that people who do not support this bill wish terrorists to fly on planes.  Certainly nobody wants KNOWN terrorists flying on planes, or even in society.

However what HB4359 and other pieces of legislation which utilize the non fly list do not address is that this list is mysterious, erroneous, and inaccurate. The government does not publish this list so you likely won’t know that you are on it until you attempt to fly. Like Ted Kennedy, yes the Senator. Certainly a senator couldn’t be a terrorist, however he did indeed get his name added to the list.

Further HB4359 would do away with the US Constitution and smear due process. Anyone on this secret no fly list would become guilty until proven innocent. There are other guilty until proven innocent laws in Illinois, so there is a real reality that HB4359 could actually pass.

From the Illinois General Assembly Website regarding HB4359…

Synopsis As Introduced

…Provides that the Department of State Police has authority to deny an application for or to revoke and seize a Firearm Owner’s Identification Card (FOID card) previously issued under the Act if the Department finds that the applicant or the person to whom the card was issued is or was at the time of issuance a person named on the consolidated Terrorist Watchlist maintained by the Terrorist Screening Center administered by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

…If the person whose FOID card has been revoked fails to comply with the requirements of the Act, the sheriff or law enforcement agency where the person resides shall (rather than may) petition the court for a warrant to search for and seize the person’s FOID card and firearms.


Has your Illinois state rep sponsored  Illinois HB4359?

House Sponsors of HB4359:
Rep. Greg HarrisLou LangDeborah ConroyEmanuel Chris Welch, Litesa E. Wallace, Christian L. Mitchell, Jaime M. Andrade, Jr., Martin J. Moylan, Cynthia Soto, Mary E. Flowers, Anna Moeller, Kathleen Willis, John D’Amico, Sonya M. Harper and Camille Y. Lilly

Please consider the unconstitutional actions of these people when you vote!


The entirety of HB4359  may be read at the following link:


Rob Romero, professional 3-gunner, hires new Management.

L&P announces REPRESENTATION of Rob Romero

Lawson & Palmer LLC is delighted to announce they have reached a definitive agreement with champion 3-Gun competitor Robert Romero to provide him professional management, business, and representation services for the 2015-2016 seasons and beyond.

About Team Geissele’s Rob Romero:

Rob Romero bought his first handgun in 2005, and his journey in competitive shooting began.  He had ability and a strong competitive spirit, and in 2006 he moved from California to Georgia where he met and began shooting with fellow Noveske shooting team member, Jansen Jones.

Romero achieved USPSA classification of Grand Master in late 2007. With multiple Major match wins, and a Top-10 finish at the USPSA pistol Nationals, Rob discovered and began to transition into 3-gun competition.  Romero was also selected to represent the United States at the 2010 and 2013 Pan American Shotgun Championships shooting in the Standard Division. He achieved a top 3 finish in 2010, and First place in 2013, as well as a gold medal in the team event.

In 2011 Romero moved almost exclusively into 3-gun winning titles at large 3-gun championships like Rocky Mountain, Ozark, and The FNH Championship. Since then he has evolved into a top-level competitor, with regular podium finishes at major matches across the United States.

Aside from actively competing for the Team Geissele Shooting Team, and the Remington Shotgun Team, Romero is the Director of Competition for the  3*Gun Nation television show.  He lives in the Atlanta suburbs with his family.

About Lawson & Palmer LLC:                                                                                                    

L&P specializes in a 3 prong sales and marketing approach to build productive synergy between companies, their shooting teams and individual athletes across the shooting disciplines.

L&P’s offerings include:
1) Providing outsourced product development solutions for emerging innovators and small to medium sized companies with direct sales /marketing options included.
2) Team sponsorship management for companies looking to increase their marketing footprint with a competition shooting team, without the expense of setting up a team management infrastructure, scouting individual talent in a pool that is growing explosively, and manage the social media components associated with that marketing effort.
3) Individual management and business consulting for elite athletes and talent in the competitive shooting market.

Mission Statement: “Lawson & Palmer LLC’s mission is to provide an organized structure to sponsor, connect and represent companies and athletes. Our code of conduct assures representation will be professional and polished by the athletes that represent any sponsoring brand.”

sponsorship management for companies looking to increase their marketing footprint with a competition team, without the expense of setting up a team management infrastructure, scouting individual talent in a pool that is growing explosively, and manage the social media components associated with that marketing effort.
3) Individual management and business consulting for elite athletes and talent in the competitive shooting market.
For more information please contact Lawson & Palmer at:  Info@lawsonpalmer.com or at (850)610-0709