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Chicago 2016 Homicide Rate is Tallied, the Results Not Good

chicago homicide scene

The homicide rate for the City of Chicago has been tallied. The results are in and as expected, it’s not good.

The city of Chicago continues to be a dangerous place. While the majority of homicides are condensed into certain neighborhoods, murder and crime has hit nearly every neighborhood in Chicago, including the affluent and wealthy ones. Some of the more affluent Chicago neighborhoods where the homicide rate is surprising include: The Loop, Near North Side and even Norwood Park, which adjoins the suburb of Park Ridge. Even with crime and murder striking these historically less crime-ridden parts of the city, the most deadly neighborhoods in Chicago in 2016 are Austin, Englewood and Garfield Park. These three neighborhoods account for nearly one third of the total homicides in Chicago.

The homicide rate in Chicago took a drastic rise in 2016, where it rose by 286 homicides since 2015 (509 homicides in 2015 and 460 in 2014). The total number of homicides in Chicago in 2016 are 795. As the homicide rate rises in Chicago, the Chicago Police superintendent and Cook County States Attorney both call for more gun control. Cook County, however, continues a revolving door policy within the correction system for violent repeat offenders. This means existing laws simply are not being enforced and repeat violent offenders are often released within one year, left to offend again. As well, an even more startling (and truthfully scary) statistic is that in 82% of Chicago homicides, NO ARRESTS ARE EVER MADE.

Not all homicides in Chicago are murders, though. In 2015, the homicide rate in Chicago was 509, with 468 of these homicides being considered murders.  The remaining forty-one homicides in Chicago were either justified acts of self-defense or police-involved shootings.

In 2016, the homicide rate in Chicago was 795, but the exact murder rate has not been released as of this writing. Approximately eleven homicides were considered acts of self-defense and approximately eleven more were police-involved, according to sources, however.

This upward trend in violence in the City of Chicago, the most populated city in Illinois and all the Midwest, coupled with homicides continuing to spread from higher crime-ridden neighborhoods to more affluent neighborhoods, is proof positive that you are never truly safe and only you are responsible for your safety and personal protection. Be armed. Be trained. Be Alpha.



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