Cook County Illinois

Cook County Ammunition Tax has passed.

Cook County Illinois proposed an ammunition tax.  Last week it was voted on in committee, and this week went to the county board for vote.  Yesterday November 18th the board passed the ammunition tax.  The roll call is as follows…

The tax is passed by vote of 10 to 7:

Arroyo – Aye
Boyken – Aye
Butler – Aye
Daley – Aye
Fritchie – No
Gainer – No
Garcia – Aye
Goslen – No
Moore – Aye
Morrison – No
Murphy – Aye
Schneider – No
Silvestri – No
Sims – Aye
Steele – Aye
Suffredin – Aye
Tobolski – No


There will no doubt be law suits tied up in the courts for years.  Please be sure to write the Cook county board members who voted No on the Cook County Ammunition Tax and thank them.

This ammunition tax will add $0.01 to every round of rimfire ammunition and  add $0.05 to every round of centerfire ammunition. This ammunition tax was originally a part of the Cook County violence tax which passed in 2012, but was removed from the violence tax before passing vote.

Thomas Kral

Thomas Kral is an avid gun rights advocate being involved in the movement in Illinois since 2012 and became one of the very first Concealed Carry instructors to be certified by the Illinois State Police in 2013.

Thomas is also a proud father and husband, having said, "The only things more important than 2nd Amendment issues and gun rights are my wife and kids."


  1. Just going to continue to chase business to the burbs.

  2. Well that will be interesting to see how many cook county legal gun owners will buy out of the county.

  3. Politicians continue to try and tax their way out of the problems directly related to their incompetence as leaders.Cook County, Illinois ESPECIALLY ,has not seen any politician fix anything in a long long time. Cook County, Illinois politicians continue to drive businesses small and large OUT of Cook County , Illinois along with LONG time residents. I still own a home in Cook County but have purchased a residence in a neighboring state along with many people I know I will sell the Cook county property as soon as possible and move to my new home that is much more reasonably taxed,and the politicians actually solve problems and balance budgets with creative and innovative ideas instead of on the backs of residents. We are watching a bunch of Court Jesters try to rule like kings and queens even young children can identify the incompetence. So many social programs ,fraud/waste in the social program system and fraud/waste in every aspect of Cook County government that is directly related to what looks like criminal behavior of politicians. YES far and wide we are known as CROOK COUNTY governed by clowns.

  4. Well done. You just took a box of aluminum 9mm that sells for $9.97 and added $2.50 in taxes.

  5. To those of you who voted no, thank you. To the rest of you cocksuckers who the fuck died and made you God to do what you wish with our tax dollars. It seems like the harder we work the more you take I hope all of you assholes choke on the next meal you have and die a horrible death.

  6. […] a bill was filed in the Illinois house to end the Cook County Ammunition tax and Cook County Violence tax which are illegal infringements on the law abiding gun owner.  This […]

  7. And they wonder why so many people are moving out of Illinois. Cook County has never been short on idiodic laws. It’s easier to defend current freedoms than it is to try and get them back.

    This will also affect cops trying to stay current. Not all dept.’s have the budget to supply their officers with training ammunition. Sad.

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