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Illinois Gun Dealer Licensing, the Rematch

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You might recall the Illinois General Assembly pushing for more gun control through their Illinois gun dealer licensing bill, SB1657, in April of 2017. Also you might also recall that through the efforts of gun owners in Illinois, we were able to block this bill. And you might also be noticing the uptick in anti gun dealer chatter coming from publications such as the Chicago Tribune, blaming gun dealers for the violence that plagues Chicago.

Well, the bill is down but not out. In the wake of the Las Vegas massacre, Illinois gun grabbers began dancing in the blood of the victims, “never let a good tragedy go to waste”, and introduced numerous anti gun bills which we are currently fighting tooth and nail. The anti gun legislators also brought back the Illinois Gun Dealer Licensing bill.

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Illinois Gun Dealer Licensing is down, but it is not out.

Gun Dealer licensing wasn’t killed, simply put to sleep.  But it has awoken. On October 17th Gun Dealer Licensing was placed on the calendar for 3rd reading (standard debate) and given a 1 month deadline extension. Senate Floor Amendment 1 (SFA1) was also introduced on the 31st of October.

Rumor has it, SB1657 may be called to floor for vote on November 8th or 9th. This is because several anti gun groups are gathering on November 8th at the Springfield capital to lobby in favor of Gun Dealer Licensing.

It is imperative now that you contact your state representatives and urge a NO vote on SB1657 or all forms of Illinois Gun Dealer Licensing.  Use this link to find the contact information for your elected officials:

Why is Gun Dealer Licensing a bad thing?

Make no mistake that the gun dealer licensing bill(s) are not drafted as a public safety initiative. In fact Gun Dealer Licensing will do nothing to keep people safe. The sole intention of Gun Dealer Licensing in Illinois is to put gun stores out of business by adding major restrictions on dealer businesses. This will also drive up the cost to those dealers lucky enough to remain in business because of government mandates.

Gun Dealer Licensing is Bad because…

  1. Gun Dealers are already licensed and overseen by the Federal Government.  This is another layer of government bureaucracy.
  2. SFA1 could actually require businesses to place cameras in bathrooms.
  3. The cost to exercise a right will surely increase due to added regulation on dealers. These regulations will increase costs which must be passed on to the customer. Gun Control never favors the poor nor working class.


But isn’t it worth the sacrifice?

The answer is No.  It’s certainly not worth it to the people who will lose their jobs when numerous smaller gun stores, unable to afford the multitude of government mandates, close their doors. But that aside; Rememberwhen I said this bill will do nothing to keep people safe?  We already know criminals do not buy their guns from gun stores.  So if criminals are not buying guns legally, how exactly would making it more expensive to buy a gun do anything to curb violence?

Again, the answer is: This bill has nothing to do with public safety and everything to do with making it more expensive to exercise a right, and dissuading existing firearm businesses from operating, and new firearm businesses from opening.

We know criminals don’t buy their guns legally.  So how do they get their guns? Perhaps you have heard about the train yard burglaries? Guns are stolen from the train yards, what seems like annually. Perhaps you hear about the gun store burglaries? There were approximately a half dozen gun stores burglarized in the first part of the year. Perhaps you have heard of straw purchasers, that is buying a gun for someone who can’t buy a gun themselves legally.  This is how criminals get their guns. This has been confirmed by a study performed by the University of Chicago in conjunction with the Cook County Jail.  Criminals do not buy guns from gun stores.

Take Action Now! Contact your state representatives and urge a No vote on SB1657 or all forms of Gun Dealer Licensing.  Use this link to find the contact information for your elected officials:


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