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HB1016 to shut down most Gun Shops in Illinois (UPDATED May 23rd 2016)

Updated May 26th 6:20 PM,

Amendment 6 to HB1016 the Gun Dealer Licensing Act was discussed in hearing moments ago and voted upon. It will report to the floor with a vote of 9:6. There will be at least one more amendment to address concerns that this bill would make it illegal to mail firearms, which is currently legal to do.

A complete play by play can be found on the facebook page at:


Updated May 26th 3:50 PM,

In the time since the last update, Amendment 4 was filed to the Illinois Gun Dealer Licensing Act, HB1016. Today, Amendments 5 and 6 were also filed.  Amendment 6 was referred back to committee. The sponsors of this bill are getting desperate and grasping at straws to make something happen before the end of the session, which is quickly approaching in a few short days. Meanwhile, several co-sponsors have dropped off of the bill.

The amendment is basically the same, with tweaks to the wording to gain the support of one entity or another.  However as so called corrections are added to the Illinois Gun Dealer Licensing act, via numerous amendment, more ambiguity is also added. It is important to note that the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation still opposes this bill.

Witness slips are now available, be sure to select HFA6 from the drop down menu in section 3.

Updated May 23rd, 2016

Bill Sponsor/Author Kathleen Willis has filed Amendment 3 to the HB1016.

This amendment was required clean up before the bill could be brought to the floor for vote. However the Amendment doesn’t quite clean up all the objections raised during the committee hearing.


(Additional details will be posted upon further review. Check back soon)


Updated May 17th, 2016

Illinois HB 1016, the Gun Dealer Licensing Act, received a 2nd Amendment, and was discussed in the committee. It was voted upon and at 9-6 HB1016 is to report to he House floor for vote.  It is important to note that nearly 5,000 witness slips were filed as opposing this bill, including the Department of Professional Regulation, as well as the Illinois Sheriff’s Association and the Illinois Retail Association.  There were less than 1,000 proponents of the bill.  The will of the people were certainly not done.

During the Judiciary committee hearing, many concerns were raised, and some concerns by people whom you wouldn’t necessary consider gun friendly. HB1016 truly is a poorly written and poorly thought out bill as Todd Vandermyde stated.  The author of the bill passed the buck to the rules committee, stating numerous times, “that is something we can work out in rules.”  However, it is not, because stead fast numbers were written into the bill which once passed into legislation, would take an act of Legislation to change – rules couldn’t change that.

The one piece of good news, is that because this bill is such a piece of trash, it was only released with the promise, from the Author/Sponsor,  that it can only go to the floor for vote once it has been cleaned up. That means we must stay tuned for Amendment 3 to the Gun Dealer Licensing Act.

For a play by play of the judiciary committee meeting as it happened, check

Check back to this page for more information as it happens!


Updated May 13th, 2016.

As originally reported May 1st, 2016, HB1016 is now officially a gun dealer licensing bill. Originally this bill appeared to be a shell bill for a completely different purpose, and was thus amended yesterday May 11th, 2016.  HB 1016 is now called the Gun Dealer Licensing Bill.

Todd Vandermyde from the National Rifle Association said of this bill,

We always thought the Daley bills were bad. Poorly written and thought out. This makes those look smart.

The full text of Amendement 1 to HB1016, which creates the Illinois dealer licensing bill, if enacted, can be seen here:

However the highlights to the Illinois Dealer Licensing bill (HB1016), is as follows:

  • Dealers must obtain permission from the local sheriff to operate their business by obtaining a statement that they are in compliance with all law.
  • Applicants must disclose their Social Security number
  • Nonresidents may not obtain a dealer license or employee license, and cannot work in a gun store
  • Family members may not participate in the family business if under age 21
  • In the ultimate circular logic, applicants for a license must first have 5 years licensee experience and pass a written exam
  • Employees must be licensed in the same way doctors and lawyers are licensed, including continuing education on subjects still to be defined
  • Employees will be registered with the State
  • Any person accused of conducting “unlicensed business” is defined as a licensee for the purpose of enforcement, investigation, and hearings
  • Any person selling more than 8 firearms can be retroactively considered a dealer
  • A license shall not be issued to locations within 500 feet of a school, preschool, or day-care facility, eliminating all possibility of gun stores in Chicago
  • License fees are not limited by law
  • Branch locations are forbidden without prior approval
  • Penalties range as high as $10,000 for each offense, even a first offense. Penalties must be paid within 60 days with no provision for a stay pending appeal
  • Unlimited, harassing examinations of records are allowed
  • Establishment of a Gun Dealer Licensing Board, similar to the Concealed Carry Licensing Review Board which has been the source of so many problems
  • Inclusion on the Board of an anti-gun advocacy group member
  • By inference, local anti-gun ordinance is codified into State Statute
  • Undefined anti-theft measures are required, beyond those already implemented by the dealer
  • Creation of a video record of every sale, available for inspection by State and Federal authorities, which translates to firearm registration
  • Failure to live up to “social justice” requirements is a violation of the Act
  • A license may be summarily suspended, without a hearing, if suspension is deemed to be in the public interest

Summary provided by Illinois Carry:

Make no mistake, this bill is not about public safety, but about making it impossibly cost prohibitive to own and operate a gun store, and about keeping gun stores out of Chicago.



Previously posted below…

Urgent Alert from the ISRA – Bill To Shut Down Most Gun Shops Is On The Move






Legislation that would require gun shops to get licenses issued by the state may come up for a vote this week in the Illinois House.  If passed, this legislation would make it nearly impossible for your favorite firearm retailer to stay in business.  Shops would be forced to deploy a long list of costly new business practices in order to maintain their licenses.  It is estimated that these new requirements would add at least $100 to the cost of firearm purchased from a licensed retailer.


All the details of the bill, which is expected to be HB1016, have yet to be released.  However, this is a taste of what you should expect to see once it is released:


– You will be videotaped when you purchase a gun and that video tape will be provided to the police.  Bottom line – you and your guns will be registered.


– Firearm retailers will be forced to install state of the art vaults and alarms at their shops.  Very few retailers can afford $2 million security systems – so they’ll just have to go out of business.


– Firearm retailers would be required to fill out stacks of new forms and keep reams of paper records covering your firearm purchases.  Minor recordkeeping mistakes will result in termination of licenses and shutting down of shops.


– The Chicago Police Department will have to right to inspect and audit any gun shop in the state at any time, without justification, for as long as they feel like staying.  It’s hard to remain in business if you and your staff spend all day entertaining gun-grabbing CPD hacks.


This is serious business, folks.




1.  Beginning Monday, May 2nd, start calling Senator Don Harmon’s offices at (217) 782-8176 and (708) 848-2002 and politely tell the person that answers the phone that you are a law-abiding firearm owner and that you are steadfastly opposed to Sen. Harmon’s Firearm Dealer Licensing bill.


2. Beginning Monday, May 2nd, start calling Representative Kathleen Willis’ offices at (217) 782-3374 and (708) 562-6970 and politely tell the person that answers the phone that you are a law-abiding firearm owner and that you are steadfastly opposed to Rep. Willis’ Firearm Dealer Licensing bill.


3.  On May 2nd, contact your own State Senator and your State Representative and politely tell them that you are a law abiding firearm owner how is opposed to state licensing of firearm retailers and that you would like your State Senator and State Representative to vote against any bills that would license firearm retailers.


4.  Pass this alert on to all your gun owning friends and family and tell them to make calls as well.


5.  Please post this alert to any and all Internet blogs, bulleting boars and social media sites to which you may belong.




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