Is it Illegal for kids to have Guns?

A common thought is that it is illegal for kids to have guns. But is it true? Jurisdictions and circumstances would dictate the legality of a child being in possession of a firearm, but in Illinois in general it is not illegal for kids to have guns.

One considering giving access of a firearm to a minor must be aware of the laws governing when this may be legal. When in doubt, legal advice should be sought from an attorney. This article is not legal advise, nor is the author an attorney.  However the information found within this writing has been gathered from various Illinois laws which govern firearm possession (linked below).

Many gun owners would tell you that you should teach a child young, to respect a firearm. After all we teach our children not to play with knives or lighters or stick things in electrical sockets. I will tell you that even if you are against the thought of owning a gun you should teach your child basic firearms safety rules.


Don’t touch.

Tell an Adult.

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