The 100th General Assembly brings a Fury of Anti-Gun Legislation proposed in Illinos

The Illinois 100th General Assembly (State Representatives and Senators) were sworn in on January 11th, 2017. Immediately bills began to be filed of various topics, including your gun rights. Here we are 3 weeks later and we have a virtual shopping list of proposed anti gun legislation in Illinois.

True to the prediction of Todd Vandermyde, Liaison for the National Rifle Association in Illinois, the anti gun politicians and their financial backers know they won’t be able to get much of anything done at the federal level. Therefore they have focused their attention at the state and municipal levels. We can expect a non stop attack against our gun rights in Illinois.  The currently proposed anti gun legislation brings a multitude of taxes which will affect your ability to buy a firearm or take part in the shooting activities.

  • HB271 Handgun Ammo Serialize – This bill is  hold over from the 99th general assembly which went nowhere. It is an impractical bill which would require each and every bullet manufactured and sold in Illinois to have a unique serial number laser engraved. Other states have enacted such laws which have cost tax payers millions and done nothing to curb, nor solve crime.
  • HB329 Concealed Carry Prohibit Place – Adds video gaming establishments to the list of prohibited areas. Currently the only gambling establishments are horse and dog tracks as well as off track betting facilities and casinos. This also makes it illegal to carry a concealed firearm in ALL residences in Illinois unless a welcoming sign is posted.
  • HB504 FOID Card Terrorist Watchlist – Illinois very own “No Fly, No Buy”, which again is a hold over from the 99th general assembly and is a clear violation of due diligence guaranteed to us in the United States constitution.
  • HB521 Lost & Stolen Firearms Penalty – Creates a penalty if you do not report your firearm lost or stolen. This is similar to the penalty introduced by Cook County in 2013.
  • SB009 Amendment 2 – creates a 5% tax on shooting ranges, gun clubs, hunting clubs and just about any other recreational activity outside of the shooting sports within Illinois.
  • HB1810 TAX-FIREARMS – creates a 3.75% tax on firearms and firearm parts in Illinois.

Some of the above bills are currently scheduled to go to committee. Your opposition is required to ensure your continued gun rights in Illinois. 2017 is the year for you to get active and fight for your gun rights in Illinois. We can expect a non stop attack for at least the next 4 years. Don’t let down your guard.

Cook County Ammunition Tax has passed.

Cook County Illinois proposed an ammunition tax.  Last week it was voted on in committee, and this week went to the county board for vote.  Yesterday November 18th the board passed the ammunition tax.  The roll call is as follows…

The tax is passed by vote of 10 to 7:

Arroyo – Aye
Boyken – Aye
Butler – Aye
Daley – Aye
Fritchie – No
Gainer – No
Garcia – Aye
Goslen – No
Moore – Aye
Morrison – No
Murphy – Aye
Schneider – No
Silvestri – No
Sims – Aye
Steele – Aye
Suffredin – Aye
Tobolski – No


There will no doubt be law suits tied up in the courts for years.  Please be sure to write the Cook county board members who voted No on the Cook County Ammunition Tax and thank them.

This ammunition tax will add $0.01 to every round of rimfire ammunition and  add $0.05 to every round of centerfire ammunition. This ammunition tax was originally a part of the Cook County violence tax which passed in 2012, but was removed from the violence tax before passing vote.