Winchester and Walkers Partner to Provide Shooters Eye and Ear Protection

Walker’s® the shooting and hunting industry pioneer in hearing protection, announces a union with Winchester, a historically successful firearms and ammunition company to provide eye and ear protection for shooting enthusiasts.


This ideal partnership brings two prominent names in the firearm industry together to provide consumers with the essentials for a day on the range or in the field. Winchester signed a licensing agreement with Walker’s® to carry out all production for eye and ear protection for the Winchester premiere brand. The complete line of eye and ear products will be exclusively designed for Winchester for the shooting sports industry. The two brands provide more than a name; together they produce quality products for shooting enthusiasts.


Walker’s® leads the industry with some of the best hearing protection available. The new advanced digital circuitry and Nano tech water repellence continues to set industry standards and raises the bar on technology. The New Winchester eyewear and hearing protection produced by Walker’s® will live up to the expectations of Winchester and their consumers. Every product will provide the highest level of protection and the quality they have provided for generations.


Ben Smith, Walker’s Marketing Manager comments, “The Winchester brand is one of the oldest and most respected and admired brands in the industry and we are honored they have chosen the Walker’s brand to partner with. We will offer a full line of Winchester licensed products to meet the needs of every shooter.”


Walker’s® and Winchester provide a lifestyle for outdoor enthusiasts.

Walker’s announces their partnership with shooting professional, Jessie Duff.

Walker’s®, pioneers in hearing protection and enhancement, announces their partnership with shooting professional, Jessie Duff.


Duff’s career has flourished from beginner to full-fledged shooting professional, with multiple World and National Championship shooting titles to her name. Ben Smith, Director of Marketing comments, “The intimate knowledge from an industry shooting professional will increase our ability to continue developing top quality products for the market as they will be designed and tested by those who form their entire careers around them. The partnership couldn’t have come at a better time. We have big plans for Walkers in 2016 where we’ll continue to push the boundaries of innovation in the shooting sports category. Jessie Duff has already had an accomplished shooting career and Walker’s is excited to be standing next to Duff as she continues to add to her championship titles.”


Walker’s is excited to tap into Duff’s extensive knowledge of shooting & firearms to integrate new ideas and innovation into future product designs. “I’m extremely excited to partner with Walker’s and help them grow their product lines as they venture into the shooting sports. I also look forward to helping educate others on the importance of hearing protection through Walker’s, as they offer the highest noise reduction ratings in their respective categories” states Jessie Duff.


For over 25 years Walker’s has developed innovative solutions for hearing protection & enhancement. The Walker’s line of products are widely considered the industry standard for shooting protection and safety.