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U.S. Concealed Carry Assocition
300 S 6th Ave

West Bend, WI
You shouldn't have to think twice about protecting your family, whether it be with a firearm, knife, or your own two hands…

Activate Your Self-Defense SHIELD Today To Claim Your NEW Turbo-Charged Benefits And Become Instantly Prepared To Protect Yourself And Your Family From The Unforeseen Legal & Financial Aftermath Of Self-Defense...

ALL Weapons Covered
You shouldn't have to think twice about protecting your family, whether it be with a firearm, knife, or your own two hands…

Up to $1,125,000 in Insurance-Backed, Self-Defense SHIELD Protection
Once again the limits of your Platinum Membership have expanded to offer you even more protection in the event of a criminal defense lawsuit…

Expert Witness Coordination
Should you face charges, we'll provide and pay for self-defense expert witnesses to testify on your behalf.

Up-Front, No Out-Of-Pocket Coverage
If you're involved in a self-defense incident your Critical Response Team will instantly take any and all financial burdens off your shoulders. No deductible, no reimbursement, no out-of-pocket costs to your family…

The USCCA Legal Advisory Board
The new USCCA Legal Advisory Board gives you absolute peace of mind knowing that your defense attorney will have complete access to the nation's leading experts in self-defense, firearms, and concealed carry case law.

Activate USCCA Membership
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We provide firearm sales and transfers in the Quincy, IL area
Alpha Koncepts Firearm  Training
7200 W Dobson St.
Niles, IL

Alpha Koncepts offers firearm and concealed carry training in the greater Chicagoland area.  The classes offered include, Multi-state (including Illinois) Concealed Carry, Defensive Pistol, Basic Pistol and more.

Both public and private group classes are offered.

Ask about free concealed carry training for disabled veterans.


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Gunrights4Illinois provides news and information about your gunrights in Illinois. provides news and information about your gun rights in Illinois. Stay up to date on the latest news, legislative updates and more.

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BAM Training
BAM Training offers private firearms lessons and concealed carry courses.

We tailor our classes to the needs of the students. Many instructors teach from a pre-designed powerpoint. If you have specific circumstances (handicap, arthritis, etc) we will teach you to be successful and safe with handling firearms.
WISE Firearm Training

We provide premium firearm training in the Quincy, IL area. We have a competitive shooter, FFL holder, retired police, and woman instructors so we have multiple views on all subjects that we cover.
Firearms Training Chicago
POB 2762
Orland Park, IL
Offering Firearm training and Illinois Concealed carry training for the Chicagoland area.

We offer Illinois Concealed carry classes on a weekly basis. We offer the Utah Concealed carry class at least once per month. We teach most NRA classes.

Firearm Instructors
Illinois Firearm Safety Academy
Mapleton, Illinois
Safety is the focus, making firearm owners Habitually Safe. Illinois CCL Training.

Illinois CCL Training by experienced instructors with over 30 years of firearms experience. Female instructor available. Illinois State Police Certified Instructors and Curriculum.

Illinois Firearm Safety Academy
My Liberty Firearms Training
Providing I.C.E. Training's Fundamentals of Home Defense Handgun and Fundamentals of Concealed Carry, NRA pistol and personal protection training and Illinois FCCL training for southern Illinois.

Providing IL FCCL (CLIC Curriculum), NRA Basic Pistol, NRA Personal Protection In the Home, NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home, and NRA Range Officer training for southern Illinois. Mark is also certified as an I.C.E. Training Defensive Firearms Coach (DFC), and is certified to teach their Fundamentals of Home Defense Handguns Course, a comprehensive course designed to educate those new to defensive firearms in the most important aspects of their use for home defense, as well as I.C.E. Training's Fundamentals of Concealed Carry.
National Rifle Association of America
11250 Waples Mill Road
Fairfax, VA
The National Rifle Association (NRA) is the worlds leading gun rights advocacy and firearm training organization.

While widely recognized today as a major political force and as America's foremost defender of Second Amendment rights, the NRA has, since its inception, been the premier firearms education organization in the world. But our successes would not be possible without the tireless efforts and countless hours of service our nearly five million members have given to champion Second Amendment rights and support NRA programs. As former Clinton spokesman George Stephanopoulos said, "Let me make one small vote for the NRA. They're good citizens. They call their congressmen. They write. They vote. They contribute. And they get what they want over time."

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