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2020 Active Witness Slips

Witness slips are a necessary component to engaging your Illinois legislators on various proposed bills.  Filing a witness slip allows you to voice your opinion either for or against a proposed bill before it goes to the legislative body for vote.  If 2.5 million gun owners in Illinois each filed a slip, we could block every anti gun bill.

Witness slips are almost as important as politely calling and emailing your elected officials. After you have filed a witness slip, please contact your elected officials to politely express your opinion.

Due to the incredibly high volume of gun bills being filed in 2020, the process of notifying the gun owners who are actively defending their gun rights, has been changed. With committee meetings being scheduled and re-scheduled, a list of active witness slips shall be posted below.

GunRights4Illinois highly suggests creating an account at the ILGA website. Creation of an account streamlines the witness slip process and will reduce the chance of filing duplicate slips.  If you are unsure how to create an ILGA account or how to file a witness slip please see: How to file an Illinois Witness Slip.




URGENT Witness Slips

Urgent Witness slips are those bills which we have indication will very likely see action in the near future. If you only file witness slips on some bills, file witness slips on these Urgent bills!


OPPOSE HB2254 would creates a life and death situation by requiring your home defense firearms be locked up. When second matter, can you unlock your safe in time to save your life?  [Witness Slip Here]


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Other Witness Slips

Other Witness Slips are bills open for opinion, but we don’t have any indication shall be heard in the near future. It is still suggested you file your opinion on these slips as well.


Proponent witness slips are bills which GunRights4Illinois has reviewed and may have a positive effect on your gun rights in Illinois.  Readers are encouraged to review the contents of each bill to ensure they agree with the opinion of GunRights4Illinois analysts.

HB3016 reduces the state sales tax on gun safes from 6.25% down to 1%.  [Witness Slip Here]

HB4413 Ammends the FOID act to clarify that, for purposes of state law, “Addicted to narcotics” does not apply to those with a compassionate cannabis prescription. Does not effect federal law in any way. [Witness Slip Here]

HB4391  Prevents municipalities from imposing special taxes on the purchase of firearms. Cook County imposes an extra tax on all firearm and ammunition sales.   [Witness Slip Here]

HB4591 Eases some of the burden that the ISP imposes on the non violent gun owner when the ISP fails to issue permission slips (FOID cards) in a timely manner.  [Witness Slip Here]

HB4601 Requires the Illinois State Police to utilize modern communication methods to inform applicants of the status of their concealed carry license. In other words will require the ISP to email the applicant if their application is missing any information or has been accepted (not necessarily approved).  [Witness Slip Here]

HB5058  Adds a provision to the Illinois law that law abiding civilians have no duty to retreat before defending themselves.  [Witness Slip Here]




Opponent witness slips are bills which GunRights4Illinois has reviewed and may have a negative effect on your gun rights in Illinois.  Readers are encouraged to review the contents of each bill to ensure they agree with the opinion of GunRights4Illinois analysts.


HB5059  Changes Illinois Concealed Carry law from duty to inform upon request to duty to inform that you are carrying a concealed firearm. We have seen in other states where these laws catch up the non violent gun owner if they simply forget to inform immediately.  [Witness Slip Here]

HR0721 A feel good non-binding resolution which uses emotion to urge the Illinois Senate to pass “Fix the Foid”, a very bad bill which will require finger prints to simply look at a gun or buy ammunition and will substantially increase the price of a FOID card.  [Witness Slip Here]







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