Ania Cienkowski named Exec.VP and Spokesperson for 2AO

Ania Cienkowski named Exec.VP and Spokesperson for 2AO

2AO is pleased to announce that Ania Cienkowski, an illinois resident, has accepted the role of Executive Vice President and Spokesperson for 2AO. Ania has over 10 years of experience in the Firearms Industry; she brings knowledge of OSHA and ATF Compliance to 2AO. She ran and operated the first 5-star NSSF awarded range and store in the Chicagoland community.

Ania is focused on developing women and youth shooting programs for Chicago Communities. She is supported heavily by the veteran and military community. Her father was a Red Beret in the Polish Military. She has coordinated numerous range days for multiple charities including the VFW, law enforcement departments, Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation, Breast Cancer Awareness, Wounded Warrior Program, local food pantries and homeless organizations.

2AO (2nd Amendment Organization) is a nonprofit organization that connects pro-2nd Amendment businesses. With a focus on large cities and minority communities, 2AO offers resources for business owners while welcoming and educating nontraditional shooters. 2AO’s large support base highlights its diverse community of responsible gun owners in America.

Ania and the 2AO team will be at SHOT SHOW 2017 in Las Vegas meeting with partners and other organizations supporting the Second Amendment. For more information or media appearance, please contact 2AO at 202.643.2261

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