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Cook County Passes resolution to Support Gun Dealer Licensing based on Lies

Cook County Commissions Suffredin

Yesterday, June 7th 2016, the Cook County board displayed for all to see what is completely wrong with our legislative system in Chicago, and Illinois.  That is that law makers can flat out lie and pass laws and resolutions based on those lies, and be very successful at it. Yesterday as the Cook County board passed a resolution to support the Illinois Gun Dealer Licensing Act, it did so based on those false truths.

First some back ground. The Illinois Gun Dealer Licensing Act was authored by none other than Astronaut Mark Kelly and former politician Gabby Giffords who now cooperatively run “Americans for Responsible Solutions” a gun control group based out of Washington DC, however Mark Kelly and Gabby Giffords both reside in Arizona. Both locations you may note are not Illinois.  The Gun Dealer Licensing Act was sponsored by Kathleen Willis. Please note that Willis is not the author as was made abundantly clear during the committee hearings and floor debates.

In short the Act will place huge burdens on gun dealers, for more information please visit: Illinois Gun Dealer Licensing Act. This Act was shot down and, embarrassingly for the sponsor, amended numerous times. It was not recalled for vote by the house after failing. However it could still be called for in special session by the Illinois House, and Cook County is doing everything in its’ power to make that happen.

Cook County Suffredin introduced a  resolution that Cook County Support HB1016. In doing so as he was giving his speech, he stated flat out lies. The first lie was to state that dealers would be licensed by the Illinois State Police, when in reality the Act would be administered by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR).  The IDFPR was OPPOSED to this Act on record (see witness slips).

Suffredin further goes on to tarnish the office he holds by once again lying and stating, “language was negotiated with most gun rights groups”. This is a lie, because the NRA, the ISRA, IllinoisCarry, NSSF, and the Illinois Gun Manufacturers Association were all OPPOSED on record (see witness slips) to this bill.

In the end, Cook County Resolution 16-2302 is approved.  Only Commissioner Morrison voted No. The good news is that the resolution is simply feel good fluff. With the Cook County Commissioners either unwilling or unable to solve the crime and violence problems in their areas of constituency – they pass feel good resolutions to trick the unwitting public into thinking they are trying – they are falling back on the tried and true gun grabber methodology of blaming law abiding gun owners and gun dealers.

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