Firearms Services Bureau completes record background checks for Firearm Purchases

The Firearms Services Bureau (FSB) processed an unprecedented number of Firearms Transfer Inquiries (FTIPS) in March—60,332 the largest number recorded for one month. FTIP requests received in the last two weeks of March was 52,173. In this two week period, FSB received and processed more requests than in any single month since December 2016. For the month of March 2020, this is only the second time there have been more than 60,000 requests in a month.


FTIP Request Totals for previous month (Feb. 2020) = 33,605


FTIPS processed in March 2019 was 44,687.



Thomas Kral

Thomas Kral is an avid gun rights advocate being involved in the movement in Illinois since 2012 and became one of the very first Concealed Carry instructors to be certified by the Illinois State Police in 2013.

Thomas is also a proud father and husband, having said, "The only things more important than 2nd Amendment issues and gun rights are my wife and kids."


  1. Once my background check has been approved when purchasing a hand gun .How many days do I have to pick it up? The gun dealer said I had to pick it up with in 30 days of approval ,when Istopped in to pick up my prepaid purchase. I am still waiting for the second approval. They did not tell me about the 30 day approval. Just would like to know for future .

  2. i have a mmj card,can i get a license for a gun

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