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Gun Confiscation in Illinois could be a Reality – HB4359

Illinois Gun Ban Session

HB4359 was introduced by which would require law abiding gun owners who have not been convicted of any crime to turn in their firearms if their name appears on the federal government’s “no fly list”.   The media spin is that people who do not support this bill wish terrorists to fly on planes.  Certainly nobody wants KNOWN terrorists flying on planes, or even in society.

However what HB4359 and other pieces of legislation which utilize the non fly list do not address is that this list is mysterious, erroneous, and inaccurate. The government does not publish this list so you likely won’t know that you are on it until you attempt to fly. Like Ted Kennedy, yes the Senator. Certainly a senator couldn’t be a terrorist, however he did indeed get his name added to the list.

Further HB4359 would do away with the US Constitution and smear due process. Anyone on this secret no fly list would become guilty until proven innocent. There are other guilty until proven innocent laws in Illinois, so there is a real reality that HB4359 could actually pass.

From the Illinois General Assembly Website regarding HB4359…

Synopsis As Introduced

…Provides that the Department of State Police has authority to deny an application for or to revoke and seize a Firearm Owner’s Identification Card (FOID card) previously issued under the Act if the Department finds that the applicant or the person to whom the card was issued is or was at the time of issuance a person named on the consolidated Terrorist Watchlist maintained by the Terrorist Screening Center administered by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

…If the person whose FOID card has been revoked fails to comply with the requirements of the Act, the sheriff or law enforcement agency where the person resides shall (rather than may) petition the court for a warrant to search for and seize the person’s FOID card and firearms.


Has your Illinois state rep sponsored  Illinois HB4359?

House Sponsors of HB4359:
Rep. Greg HarrisLou LangDeborah ConroyEmanuel Chris Welch, Litesa E. Wallace, Christian L. Mitchell, Jaime M. Andrade, Jr., Martin J. Moylan, Cynthia Soto, Mary E. Flowers, Anna Moeller, Kathleen Willis, John D’Amico, Sonya M. Harper and Camille Y. Lilly

Please consider the unconstitutional actions of these people when you vote!


The entirety of HB4359  may be read at the following link:

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