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“Gun Day” Wednesday, a Huge Set Back for Gun Rights

“Gun Day”, as one Illinois State Representative referred to yesterday Wednesday February 28th during floor debates, was a huge setback for gun rights in Illinois. We expected a tough battle. All the indicators were there that we would get bumps and bruises. But we lost in each and every single round. I suppose the only consolation is that Illinois Speaker Madigan didn’t call all 7 anti gun anti freedom bills to the floor for vote… but he still has time.

Yesterday, Gun Day, in the Illinois Legislation saw 2 bills pass out of the Senate and 4 out of the house. If you are unfamiliar with how bills become laws, a quick summary is as follows… The House or Senate introduces a bill. Once passed in that body, it moves to the other body for concurrence. If the other body concurs with the bill, it moves to the Governor for approval or veto. The House saw Passage of 4 bills, 3 of which moved to the Senate for concurrence. 1 bill is sent to the governors desk. The Senate’s 2 bills were passed to the house where 1 was approved and 1 awaits concurrence.

  • The Gun Dealer Licensing bill was passed both legislative bodies and now goes to the Governor for approval or Veto.
  • The bill which raises the age to 21 to possess semi automatic rifles and magazines over 10 rounds was sent to the Senate.
  • The bill adding a 72 hr. waiting period for so called “assault” weapons was sent to the Senate.
  • Bump Stock Ban was sent to the Senate.

The mood in the house yesterday was that of “knee jerk”, when several representative on the anti gun side literally stated, “We must do something. We have to do something. We can’t do nothing.” The flaw in their logic is these bills won’t do anything to stop a mass murderer.


It’s not over. We need to fight. Call and Email your state Senators. Call and email Governor Rauner. Follow the GunRights4Illinois Facebook page for updates. If you would like to help contribute to this website or to our Facebook page, please contact Thomas Kral.

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