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Illinois 2016 Concealed Carry License Totals

The totals are once again in for those who choose to exercise their right to keep and bear arms in Illinois. Illinois Added over 73,000 concealed carry licensees. Illinois also added 14 non-resident licensees in 2016.

This brings the total Illinois Concealed Carry Licenses to 217,380. The total number of non resident licenses is only 34. A disgustingly high number is the amount of people who wait in limbo for the concealed carry review board, which is 2,385.

The number of non resident concealed carry licenses is likely so low because only Hawaii, New Mexico, South Carolina and Virginia qualify for a non-resident concealed carry license in Illinois.

As a side note, the current population of Illinois is 12.8 million (in 2014 census). This means that slightly less than 2 percent of Illinois population choose to exercise their right to bear arms. This possibly could be due to the high licensing fees collected by the State of Illinois as well as the 16 hours of training also required.



Thanks to KWC at Illinois Carry for your FOIA requests…


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