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Illinois lobbyist leaves NRA for new Firearm Organization FFL-IL

Todd Vandermyde

The Federal Firearms Licensees of Illinois, (FFL-IL) a non-profit trade group for federally licensed firearms dealers, welcomes Former NRA lobbyist, Todd Vandermyde to their group.

FFL-IL was formed this year in response to continued attacks against Federal Firearms Licensees by anti-gun and anti-Second Amendment groups who want to regulate gun dealers out of business.

During his tenure with the NRA Todd worked tirelessly with Licensed Illinois Firearms Dealers to protect their businesses. Most notably in the spring of 2017 against SB1657 the dealer licensing bill; it is Todd that kept dealers informed and helped to organize dealers to fight this damaging piece of legislation. Todd was a driving force in the conception of The Federal Firearms Licensees of Illinois (FFL-IL) and our goals to represent its members in Illinois.

“I spent over 25 years defending the Second Amendment and Illinois gun
owners at the legislature. This is a new chapter in my work for the Second Amendment. This is a chance to build a new grass roots type organization and continue protecting the right to keep and bear arms here in Illinois.” Vandermyde said.

Vandermyde is seen as the quintessential authority on firearm laws and policy in Illinois. Having consulted on several landmark lawsuits like Shepard vs. Madigan, Wilson vs. Cook County, Gowder vs. City of Chicago and People vs. Diggins, Shepard vs. Madigan led to the 7th Circuit court of appeals striking down Illinois’ prohibition on concealed carry.

He is also the author of several state laws and changes including Illinois law on straw purchasers and unlicensed gun dealers and our current unlawful use of weapons / transportation of firearms law. We look forward to his insight and experience as this organization stands for the rights of Illinois Firearms Dealers.

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