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Illinois State Police Begin Gun Dealer Licensing Certification

Gun Dealer Licensing Letter

In the 100th general assembly the Gun Dealer Licensing Act passed the house and senate, but senate President Cullerton placed a hold on the bill, which Governor Pritzker signed into law shortly after being sworn in.  Since then, Illinois gun dealers have been sitting in limbo awaiting news, information and the process to be explained to them. However on May 23rd, 2019, various gun stores began receiving notices from the Illinois State Police with information on how to apply for the new Illinois Gun Dealer License Certification.

The letter, which is transposed below, explains in summary who needs a license, which license they may need and how to apply. A web link to the ISP website is provided. At this link the ISP provides several documents including:

Pre-Application Checklist

How to Apply, in PowerPoint format.

The training requirements for gun store employees.

The Firearm Dealer Licensing application forms.

The required firearm dealer licensing signage.

The firearm dealer licensing application form.


The letter being sent to firearm dealers is (in part) as follows:


Dear Federal Firearm License Dealer,

Signed into law on January 18th, 2019, the Firearm Dealer Licensing Certification (430 ILCS68) requires all Federal Firearms License (FFL) dealers engaged in the business of transferring firearms to have their FFL certified by the Illinois State Police (ISP). All FFL’s who wish to continue doing business within the state of Illinois must be certified by the Illinois State Police by July 17th, 2019, or have electronically submitted their application to the ISP by June 17, 2019, in accordance with Section 5-10 of the Act.

How does this apply to me of my business?

As a dealer, you may be concerned whether your business will be classified as a retail or non-retail location. The Act defines a retail location as “ …a store open to the public from which a certified licensee engages in the business of selling, transferring or facilitating a sale or transfer of a firearm…”

To help make this determination, here are three scenarios and how they would be defined:

  1. A big box store open to the public during hours of operation with a displayed inventory where the public can purchase and receive transfers of firearms. This is a RETAIL location.
  2. A residential dealer who has a designated area within his or her home, such as a garage or separate area, wherein during hours of operation, the public is able to come into this area to make purchases and receive transfers. This is a RETAIL location.
  3. A residential dealer who is not open to the general public, who conducts firearm transfers with individuals known to the dealer or who sets appointments for firearm transfers. This is a NON-Retail location.

How do I Apply?

To apply for your Illinois Firearm Dealer License Certification, go to the ISP Home Page / . On the left side of the home page, under, “Agency Links”, …. “Firearms” then, “Firearm Dealer License Certification.” It is highly recommended that…”


The copy of the letter sent, which is transposed above, is only a partial letter. More information shall be posted to this page as it becomes available.

Gun Dealer Licensing Letter
Gun Dealer Licensing Letter




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