GunRights4Illinois Launches Initiative to form Not For Profit

Niles, IL –  GunRights4Illinois was founded in 2014 primarily as a source for information. Since then, through social media and industry contacts, GunRights4Illinois has grown to be so much more than a simple news source. GunRights4Illinois is now a group of activists fighting to defend their right to keep and bear arms in Illinois, rights which are constantly under attack. GunRights4Illinois has announced an initiative to become a 501 (c) Not For Profit, and is asking for the public’s help to do it.


Thomas Kral, the Founder and current Managing Editor of GunRights4Illinois has said, “Becoming a Not For Profit will open up more doors to better help gun owners in Illinois.”  Kral went on to say, “Incorporating is a formalization of the group as an entity and allows us do things like advertise and organize events without utilizing personal credit of the group administration. Being a legitimate not for profit shall allow us to fund raise more effectively and even seek grants and corporate donations to better serve the community.”


GunRights4Illinois has established a GoFundMe account accepting donations to offset the startup costs involved with establishing a Not For Profit organization. Alternatively, those who wish to donate via PayPal or help by purchasing official GunRights4Illinois merchandise may do so.  To help support GunRights4Illinois please visit:





Mark Haskett

Mark Haskett - Married, (32 yrs.) and have to grown girls. I am an NRA Basic Pistol Instructor, Certified Instructor for Concealed Carry and Countering The Mass Shooter Threat with the USCCA, and enjoy competitive Defensive Shooting. In my other 8+ hours (each Mon-Fri), I have worked for Argonne National Laboratory for the past 25+ years.

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