Illinois Legislation & Gun Rights

Legislative Action, Witness Slips Needed Today.

Witness slips are needed today. House committee meetings are scheduled for today to discuss various issues related to your Gun Rights in Illinois. Some of the bills being discussed in committee meeting include a magazine ban for any magazine over 10 rounds, body armor ban for law abiding citizens, yet another bump stock ban and more!


Do this NOW. Please don’t wait. Committee hearings are at 3:30 pm.

It is absolutely imperative that you, as a law abiding gun owner of Illinois, file these witness slips and call AND email your state representatives offices.  Information on how to file a witness slip may be found here: How to File an Illinois Witness Slip. Information to find your state representatives may be found here:


Bills to OPPOSE:

HB3390 to REVOKE FOID cards.

HB4502 Prevents the display of imitation guns such as paintball or air guns.

HB4880 which is yet ANOTHER Bump Stock Ban.


While you are in the mood to be active, after filing the witness slips, please Email then Call your representatives and urge them to oppose gun control. Please Email and then Call Governor Rauner and urge him to veto all gun control bills.

2 thoughts on “Legislative Action, Witness Slips Needed Today.

  1. Most semiautomatic pistols are 15 round capacity. Millions of legal gun owners already own them. Why should these people give up their personal property while the criminal continues to own them ? Oppose the magazine ban.

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