Petition: Clinton County States Attorney to Allow Gun Sanctuary

Sources have it that the Clinton County States Attorney has referred the proposed Gun Sanctuary Resolution to the Illinois Senate for permission. This is akin to sending the resolution off to die.

The Clinton County Board of Directors intends to meet Monday May 28th to discuss the resolution. Without your polite encouragement, States Attorney John Hudspeth may continue to block the resolution.

Please fill out the petition below and be sure to verify your email. This petition will send in real time, once your email has been verified. It will send to States Attorney John Hudspeth and also CC to the Clinton County Board of Directors. If you are a resident of Clinton county you might want to include that information in your message!


Hello John Hudspeth,

I write to you to encourage you to join the nearly 10 other Illinois counties and allow the passage of the Gun Sanctuary resolution offered by the council of Clinton county. Requesting permission from the Illinois State Senate is akin to sending the resolution off to die.

I ask you to uphold your oath to the Constitution of the United States and therefore ask that you do not enforce unconstitutional laws which shall infringe on my inalienable right to bear arms, which is guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. Please do not block the Gun Sanctuary resolution in Clinton County.

P.S. The District board members have been CCed on this email.


Thank you to those who filed the petitions. This petition has been closed.

Please don’t forget to confirm your email address. Please check your spam folder if you do not see the email verification in your inbox.


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24 Jacob H. May 17, 2018
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15 Christopher S. May 17, 2018
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13 Carol P. May 17, 2018
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8 Ronald K. May 17, 2018
7 Charles S. May 17, 2018
6 Michael L. May 17, 2018
5 Robinson F. May 17, 2018
4 Ray L. May 17, 2018
3 Rafal R. May 16, 2018
2 Michael P. May 16, 2018
1 Thomas K. May 16, 2018


Contact information for States Attorney John Hudspeth

Contact information for Clinton County Board of Directors

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