Petition Rep. Jim Durkin to Oppose Magazine Capacity and Body Armor BAN

If you feel you have the right to own magazines in excess of 10 rounds in Illinois, and if you feel that you should be allowed to own body armor for your own protection,  you NEED to sign this petition TODAY.

Reports have it that this bill (HB1469 HFA1) may come up to committee as early as tomorrow. As the Republican leader Jim Durkin has the power to persuade his caucus, to block this attack on your right to keep and bear arms. Jim Durkin needs to hear from you NOW. Please sign the petition, it only takes a few seconds.


Representative Durkin,

I write to you to politely and respectfully request that you OPPOSE HB 1469 Amendment 1.

This magazine capacity will limit my ability to defend myself from multiple attackers and will turn myself and literally millions of other law abiding gun owners of Illinois into criminals. Criminals are already prohibited from using body armor in the commission of a crime and this bill will make me, a person who owns and lawfully wears body armor, into a criminal simply for possessing a potentially life saving item.

I strongly urge you to oppose this knee jerk attack on my rights. Criminals won’t obey your laws, and will only serve to hurt the law abiding.

Thank you for opposing House Bill 1469 Amendment 1.

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Petition Jim Durkin to Oppose

This petition is now closed.

End date: Nov 10, 2018

Signatures collected: 2226

Signature goal: 1000

2,226 signatures

Signature goal: 1000


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Thomas Kral

Thomas Kral is an avid gun rights advocate being involved in the movement in Illinois since 2012 and became one of the very first Concealed Carry instructors to be certified by the Illinois State Police in 2013.

Thomas is also a proud father and husband, having said, "The only things more important than 2nd Amendment issues and gun rights are my wife and kids."


  1. I am asking that you veto any gun control bill that criminalizes law-abiding citizens instantly. These bills that are coming across your desk will do nothing to honor Cmdr. Bauer, the victims of school shootings or address the real issue of criminal behavior. The 2.1 million FOID card holders would become the states largest group of outlaws by one swipe of the pen. We have done nothing wrong, we have obeyed the laws, We have had background checks Fingerprinted paid the fees, taken the training all for nothing once these bills are signed. Have you even though let alone realized we are some of the most law-abiding citizens there are. Please send these bills back to the Senate or House and make the drafting politicians the scapegoat because that’s what they are doing to 2.1 million law-abiding Illinoisans. Respectfully, William White

  2. Protect our rights !

  3. Please continue to protect our rights as Americans.

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