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Petition to Illinois Firearm Public Awareness Task Force

Michael J Madigan

Speaker Michael Madigan announced in September 2019, a House Firearm Public Awareness Task Force. Representative Lashawn Ford heads up this task force which also includes infamous civilian disarmament legislator Kathleeen Willis. In an interview, Ford hinted his intentions to make changes to the concealed carry licensing act.

Your voice is very important. Please take a moment to sign the petition and email all 24 members of this task force. YOUR help is NEEDED. If just 1% of the 2 million registered Illinois gun owners take the 10 seconds to sign this petition, we could block ALL gun laws.

State Representative,

I am writing to you as you are a member of the House Firearm Public Awareness Task Force. As a member you have a heavy burden on your shoulders to find a way to end so called “gun violence” that plagues urban areas of Illinois, such as Chicago. However, as you do consider means of curbing violence in Illinois I feel it is important for you to remember that making it harder for lawful gun owners to exercise their rights does nothing to stop the criminals from being violent.

I wish my message to be clear: No New Gun Laws!

As an Illinois voter I am no longer prepared to compromise on my rights. We as a nation of gun owners have been compromising on our rights for nearly 100 years. We have enough data to know that gun control does not work.

Evil people shall do evil things regardless of the laws you place on good people. Disarming good people doesn’t make a dangerous person less dangerous. In fact quite the opposite, disarming the good people makes the dangerous people even more dangerous.

In good conscience I will be unable to vote for ANY elected official who violates their oath of office by supporting any gun laws.


Please don’t forget to check your email and confirm your email address or your petition will not send.

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Thank you to those who took a moment to sign this very important petition! Please take a moment to contact your elected officials directly with the clear message: No New Gun Laws.

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