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SB3433 in Illinois – Concealed Carry Objections Bill Introduced

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart

Today, May 23rd, 2016 the Concealed Carry Objections Bill was introduced in the Senate by Senator Dale Righter.  This bill, based on the synopsis, would amend the Illinois Firearm Concealed Carry Licensing Act stopping some of the abuses by law enforcement (Ie: Sheriff Tom Dart) who seems to object to every Illinois Firearm Concealed Carry application unreasonably possible. Over 92% of those objections are cleared by the Concealed Carry License Review Board, and this bill could help to reduce their work load.


This is certainly a bill to watch. The Synopsis as Introduced for SB3433 is below. Some emphasis added…


Amends the Firearm Concealed Carry Act. Provides that a law enforcement agency objection to a license applicant based upon information in an arrest or incident report must be based upon information from an investigation of the objecting law enforcement agency and not an investigation of another law enforcement agency. Provides that nothing in the Act prohibits the law enforcement agency from contacting the investigating law enforcement agency regarding the license applicant. Provides that a law enforcement agency that submits an objection to a license applicant may withdraw that objection before its submission to the Concealed Carry Licensing Review Board. Provides that the Department of State Police may review a law enforcement agency objection to a license applicant before the Department’s submission of the objection to the Board. Provides that the verification shall determine: (i) if the criteria under this Act for the submission of an objection by the law enforcement agency has been met, (ii) that the objection is against the proper person, and (iii) that information relevant to the objection has been included as required by the Act. Provides that an objection failing verification shall be returned to the objecting agency and that agency shall have 10 calendar days after receiving notification from the Department that the objection failed verification to submit to the Department the required information, a response, or withdrawal of the objection. Provides that if the objecting agency fails to act on the notification within the 10 calendar days, the Department may reject the objection and process the application in accordance with the Act.

3 thoughts on “SB3433 in Illinois – Concealed Carry Objections Bill Introduced

    1. It’s been almost to years and I keep getting the same letter over and over, objection by a Law enforcement agency. I just want an answer already, any recommendations?

      1. Marco in January 2017 the Concealed Carry licensing Review board was at something like 2500 cases. In January 2017, they were down to just over 900 cases. This is the first time since Concealed Carry applications began in 2014 that the CCLRB is making progress on their case load.

        While there is no way of knowing for sure how much longer your wait shall be, I suspect it won’t be much longer.

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