Springfield Armory® Launches ‘Single Stack Summer’ Promotion For New XD-S® Buyers

06/15/15 (Geneseo, IL) – Springfield Armory® has launched its “Single Stack Summer” promotion, running June 1-Aug. 31, 2015. The promotion offers extra incentives for any new purchasers of its XD-S® product line.

Customers can earn three extra magazines and one double-mag pouch free with any purchase of an XD-S Pistol, a $150 value.

The promotion is part of Springfield Armory’s efforts to incentive and reward customers for their loyalty to quality models, according to Springfield Armory Marketing Director, Chad Dyer.

“Choosing a handgun for concealed carry no longer entails a series of compromises,” Dyer said. “Thanks to the XD-S series, you can feel satisfied with a high-quality product with all the bells and whistles you’re in the market for, while making a smart investment in your own personal safety.”

The offer includes one magazine each in the flush, mid and X-Tended styles. To redeem the magazines and mag pouch, customers can visit http://blog.springfield-armory.com/xd-s-single-stack-summer.

Consumers can seek out and contact Springfield Armory retailers by visiting www.springfield-armory.com/retailers.

About the Springfield Armory® XD-S® Series:
The Springfield Armory® XD-S® Single Stack is small enough to carry every day to give operators all the features and capacity of a larger pistol in a compact carry size. The XD-S® has a 3.3” barrel, a grip width of only .9”, and weighs only 23 oz. empty.

To learn more about Springfield Armory®’s XD-S® Series:


Thomas Kral

Thomas Kral is an avid gun rights advocate being involved in the movement in Illinois since 2012 and became one of the very first Concealed Carry instructors to be certified by the Illinois State Police in 2013.

Thomas is also a proud father and husband, having said, "The only things more important than 2nd Amendment issues and gun rights are my wife and kids."

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