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State Court Strikes Down Guns Near Parks but That Won’t Stop Senator Nybo

IL Senator Nybo

Some have said that the definition of insanity is repeating an activity and expecting a different result.  A perfect example is a bill proposed by Senator Nybo titled, “UUW PARK REENACT“. REENACT is the keyword, this is the repetitive activity.

On February 1st 2018 the State of Illinois Supreme Court struck down a provision of the Illinois Criminal Code preventing possession of a firearm within 1,000 of a park in the case the People vs Chairez. 15 days later Nybo decided to write a bill which would reintroduce the ban already struck down by the highest  court in Illinois.  Insanity in action.

SB3289 UUW Park Reenact has been assigned to committee, therefore Witness Slips are now available…. To file a witness slip in OPPOSITION on this bill, please visit:


Learn How to File an Illinois Witness Slip

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