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Temporary Setback: Suit Against Cook County Violence & Ammo Tax

Cook County Illinois

Cook County set in place a tax on firearm purchases, called a “violence tax”. At that time, time the Cook County board attempted to also include ammunition as part of their violence tax, however ammunition was removed as part of the proposed ordinance and subsequently passed. A few years later Cook County passed an ammunition tax.  These taxes increase the cost of purchase for any firearm and ammunition within Cook County limits, and are in addition to sales tax.

Guns Save Life, in additional with several gun stores located within Cook, brought suit against Cook County over these taxes. Part of the aregument is these taxes are effectively a poll tax and are against state preemption laws. On August 17th, 2018 Judge David Atkins ruled in favor of Cook County and against Guns Save Life (and all law abiding gun owners of Cook County). However this ruling isn’t much of a surprise and is akin to the fox watching the hen house.

As previously stated, this ruling isn’t much of a surprise and this ruling shall be appealed. Additional plaintiffs have been added to the suit, however curiously some plaintiffs have dropped their opposition. These plaintiffs who dropped their opposition include gun stores located within Cook County. It is understood the only remaining gun store plaintiff is Maxon Shooters Supply and Indoor Range, located in Des Plaines. Marilyn Smolenski, founder of Nickle and Lace (a concealed carry garment company) and candidate for the Illinois General Assembly, has also been added as plaintiff.


The Cook County Violence tax was passed in 2013, and the ammunition tax passed in 2016. Neither of these taxes on law abiding gun owners has done anything to stop the gang violence which plagues Chicago. Stay posted to GunRights4Illinois for additional updates.


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