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Trigger Modification Ban passes out of Illinois committee – HB4117

The proposed bill which would essentially ban many popular trigger modifications and improvements has passed out of committee. This proposed legislation would also ban binary explosives such as Tannerite.

Now that this bill has passed out of committee, it is imperative you contact your state representatives to express your opposition. Please use one of the two following links to contact your state Rep.

Sign the Petition to Stop HB4117!


Read HB4117:

Thomas Kral

Thomas Kral is an avid gun rights advocate being involved in the movement in Illinois since 2012 and became one of the very first Concealed Carry instructors to be certified by the Illinois State Police in 2013.

Thomas is also a proud father and husband, having said, "The only things more important than 2nd Amendment issues and gun rights are my wife and kids."

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