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Yesterday’s Witness Slips and Today’s Vote – Feb 28th 2018

Illinois General Assembly

As you hopefully have heard by now, there are numerous anti gun bills on the agenda this legislative session. In wake of the Parkland shooting, anti gun legislators couldn’t file the bills fast enough! House Speaker Michael Madigan has fast tracked some of these bills announcing the house will call for a vote today February 28th.

Yesterday several of these bills were in committee for hearings. Thousands of gun owners filed witness slips (See also How to File an Illinois Witness Slip). However, even more thousands of gun grabbers filed witness slips supporting these various gun bans. Never in my life have I seen so many witness slips from the anti gun crowd. This leads me to speculate “voter fraud” of sorts, as a quick scan of the slips reveals numerous duplicates, a big no-no. I am also left to wonder how many slips are from out of state sources.

This is neither here nor there. It simply means we law abiding gun owners need to better organize ourselves. There are 2 million registered gun owners in Illinois. There are over 200,000 with concealed carry licenses in Illinois. Yet we were only able to muster 2,000 witness slips? PLEASE, if you are a law abiding gun owner in Illinois it is your DUTY to fight for your rights.  There are well funded forces working against us. You need to be heard. Please visit How to File an Illinois Witness Slip and sign up for some of the legislative alters. Get involved! Tell your friends.

As you may have expected, all five anti gun bills passed out of committee. This is no surprise for a number of reasons. Though witness slips ARE IMPORTANT, I have not seen them kill a bill. Second, Michael Madigan announced there would be a vote today, the committee was simply a theater of due diligence.

Today, now, IMMEDIATELY, you NEED to call your elected state representative. If you are unsure who that is or need contact information please visit this link:  and politely urge the person answering the phone to vote NO on both the Assault Weapon bans (HB 1465 & 1468), NO on the Magazine Capacity ban (HB 1469), NO on the Bump Stock Ban (HB 1467) and NO on the Dangerous Person Hotline (HB 1664). Please politely tell your elected representative to oppose ALL Gun Control.

I will be following the floor debates and doing my best to post live updates on our facebook page at The House and Senate are both scheduled for approximately noon today.

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