Yet Another Anti Gun Protest scheduled for Chucks Gun Shop tomorrow July 20th

Chucks Gun Shop

Tomorrow, Wednesday July 20, 2016 at 11:00 am- several groups including The Freedom First International, Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Violence interrupters, The Brady Campaign of  Illinois  will conduct a Protest Rally outside of Chucks Gun Shop and Riverdale City Hall.

According to a press release they shall be “calling for the local (south side) Chicago community to come together … in a effort to balance Justice for the Community.”  However this is yet another scheme to attempt to force Chucks Gun Shop out of business.

Chucks operates completely legal and however sadly some patrons choose to break the law with legally purchased firearms.  This is not the fault of Chucks Gun Shop nor of the NRA as some claim.

Chucks Gun Shop is located at: 14310 S Indiana Ave, Riverdale, IL 60827

The Riverdale Town Hall is located at: 157 W 144th St, Riverdale, IL 60827

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