Phoenix Rising Defense

Empowering Women through Self Defense Training
Phoenix Rising Defense
My mission is to train women so they don’t become a statistic. Criminals will continue to be prey on the innocent, but we don’t have to be willing victims – we can minimize our chances of becoming victims paying attention & training to defend ourselves. Phoenix Rising Defense offers self defense classes, Mommy & Me self defense classes (train them young!), and firearms classes for all levels.

Phoenix Rising Defense is dedicated to training women in the art of self defense, non-lethal tool use, and firearms use so they are able to protect and defend themselves and their families.

Women can empower themselves by attending self defense classes, or schedule a small group and learn with their friends. Classes can be designed around your needs!

Phoenix Rising Defense offers classes in Women’s Self Defense, Mommy & Me, Intro to Firearms, Holster Clinics, IL CCL 16 Hour and Renewal classes as well as non-lethal tools such as Pepper Spray & Striking Tools.
Carol Stream, IL
  • Happy and Empowered after training w/ me!

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Phoenix Rising Defense