3 Hour Renewal Curriculum

Instructors, Download the exclusive GunRights4Illinois 3 hour concealed carry renewal curriculum, absolutely free.

This Curriculum is 64 slides in power point format which will allow you to walk your students through the required topics of discussion.


Topics of Discussion and Agenda

1.Firearm Ownership in Illinois

2.Firearm Storage in Illinois

3.Firearm Concealed Carry in Illinois

4.Firearm Transportation in Illinois

5.Interaction with Law Enforcement while carrying a firearm

6.Interaction with Law Enforcement after a Use of Force Incident

7.Prohibited areas (AKA Criminal Protection Zones, or Gun Free Zones)

8.The Firearm Owner ID Act

9.Justified Use of Force

10.Legal Definitions regarding Use of Force

11.Unlawful Use of Weapons in Illinois

12.Weapons Handling Skills

A.Handgun Fundamentals

B.Handgun Concealment

C.Rules for Live Fire Qualification Instructions


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Illinois 3 Hour Renewal Curriculum (187 downloads)