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62,000 FOID Applications Sit and Wait


The Illinois State Police (ISP) put out a statement saying that there are currently 62,000 applications for an Illinois Firearm Owner Identification (FOID) card in the queue.  To put that into perspective, 62,000 is larger than the population of the majority of most municipalities in Illinois. This includes new applications and renewals.

Every gun owner in Illinois knows the ISP is grossly negligent on the timely processing of  FOID cards and concealed carry licensed (CCL’s). The ISP is hoping to shrink that astounding 62,000 number through an upgrade in their phone system. This phone upgrade is something that was previously announced and is expected to cost $750,000 to install, and $10,000 per month to maintain. If all goes according to plan, this system shall be automated and allow callers to solve their issues without having to speak to a person.

Until the FOID is declared unconstitutional, you may contact the Illinois State Police Firearm Services Bureau, by using one of the following methods…


One thought on “62,000 FOID Applications Sit and Wait

  1. There has to be a better way, to produce the FOID and CCL, I can under stand those that have been waiting for many days, and of course there payment has been made, which there money could be drawing interest on there Dept Card. Time to change the entire system to where it takes a few min. to send what is required by the person that wants to Re new either.

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