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Are Suburban Republicans Flexible with your Gun Rights?

Many gun owners have come to rely upon the Republican party to defend their gun rights. However when we examine the “Black Wednesday” votes we see numerous Illinois Republicans indeed did vote to take away your gun rights in Illinois. Republicans such as Representative McAuliffe voted in favor of all the anti gun legislation on Black Wednesday.  It is also a fact that John R Lott reported, via Fox News, on March 22nd that Federal Republican Law makers are very much doing the same.

It doesn’t stop there. Now, this very moment, insider sources are telling GunRights4Illinois that in the Illinois State Capital back room deals are being made. Deals where some Republicans, largely Chicago Suburban area Republicans, are making deals which will effect your gun rights. I’ve often said, “Decisions are made in the back rooms of our state house, the floor debates are just for show.” Essentially what is going on right now, some Chicago Suburban Republicans are horse trading your rights away, “If you vote for my bill, I shall vote for yours.” In the end you LOSE!

This is why NOW, Immediately you must contact your elected officials. This is especially true if you are anywhere near the Chicago Suburban area. These politicians seem to be the most flexible with your rights.  You must politely remind your elected officials that they represent you, that you oppose gun control, that no amount of gun bans will ever stop violence, and that you shall remember their voting record on these bills at their next election cycle.

Sources are also telling GunRights4Illinois that part of the reason these suburban Republicans are so flexible is because Everytown is working a campaign of calls and emails to these politicians, to sway their votes towards the anti-gun, anti-freedom, side. If you think your call doesn’t matter, it does!

Do you know who your elected officials are? Find out here: Illinois Policy Maps.

Currently there are a half dozen bills which would affect your gun rights, that are being tracked. Please politely urge your representative to oppose all gun control.

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