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Chicago Gun Buy-back… Time to sell off your old rusty damaged worthless firearms.

Chicago Mayor Rahm

Chicago Mayor Rham Emanuel and Chicago Police Superintendent McCarthy announced a quarter of a million dollar fund ($250,000.00) for various local gun buy back programs across Chicago.

Now is the time to sell off your inoperable, fire-damaged, rusted or otherwise worthless firearms.  We all know the ineffectiveness of gun buy back programs. Criminals do not turn in their guns. and “Illegal” guns are not the cause of violence, but simply a tool for violence if used in the wrong hands.

Two questions come to mind. Where is the nearly bankrupt, junk-bond rated, City of Chicago getting this money? Also, why do politicians. such as Rham Emanuel and Superintendent McCarthy,  insist on feel-good activism rather than doing something about the root of the violence problem in Chicago?


To read the Official City of Chicago press release, please visit:


Photo Courtesy of NBC News

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