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‘Fix the FOID’ SB1966 Isn’t Dead Yet – March 2020 Update

Willis Morrison

The bill called ‘Fix the FOID’, introduced and passed the Illinois House in 2019, is not dead yet. In fact, Fix the FOID (SB1966) is being revived in the Illinois Senate. This article shall cover what every Illinois gun owner needs to know about this bill.

SB1966 started life as a different bill known as ‘Public Defender Bail Program’. However, through a process known as a shell bill was entirely rewritten into the Fix the FOID bill. SB1966 became one of the most egregious steps upon our rights in Illinois that we have seen in a long while, and through backroom deals was softened slightly and passed the house in May of 2019. In June of 2019, Senator Julie Morrison reminded us, while also threatening gun confiscation, that she could call the bill back at any time.

Even though Senator Morrison could have called the bill at any point, the gun community of Illinois was relieved when the Illinois Senate adjourned in 2019 with no action on the bill. Fast forward to yesterday, March 3rd, 2020, we saw the dust and cobwebs knocked off of Fix the FOID as the bill (amendments) was moved from the assignments committee to the judiciary committee.

So what now? SB1966 is sitting in the Senate Judiciary Committee. There are no Judiciary committee hearings scheduled as of the time of writing this article, though that could change. The Illinois Senate is expected to recess tomorrow March 5th and return on March 18th, the day after the Illinois primary elections. We are unlikely to see movement until the Senate returns. That gives us time to fight!

But the fight for our rights is never that simple. Todd Vandermyde of FFL-IL, a lobbying group for licensed gun dealers in the state of Illinois and former Illinois Liaison for the National Rifle Association, is reporting that another bill, a watered-down compromise bill, may be introduced so that it can gain bi-partisan support. This rumor does seem plausible.

What can Illinois gun owners do to stop ‘Fix the FOID’? 

If Illinois gun owners do not stop SB1966 they will face mandatory fingerprints, increased costs, makes it illegal to sell a gun to a friend or family, creates a registry for any firearms received as a gift, causes your FOID to expire in 5 years instead of 10, makes it nearly impossible to recover confiscated firearms, and more.

To stop this bill here is what Illinois gun owners must-do if you have a FOID card this is what you must do…

Call your Illinois Senator’s office at both their home office as well as their Springfield office. Please be polite.

Please note: do not contact Dick Durbin or Tammy Duckworth. This is state-level legislation, not federal.


Urge your state Senator, “NO on SB1966. NO on ANY Gun Control!” 


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